Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Makeup at the Gym: Do or Don't?

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you are completely over everything, and it is only Tuesday?  Perhaps, like me, you had a very trying Monday, and by the the time Tuesday morning rolls around, you just don't know if you can handle the rest of the week.  That's definitely where I was this morning.  So much so, that I flat out refused to get out of bed until the very last moment.  By 9:50, I could no longer deny that I had to be up and at pilates in ten minutes, so it was time to drag my sorry tail out of bed.  Naturally, this left me with 0.07 seconds to get ready, and so my pilates class was afforded the luxury of seeing me without a stitch of makeup on with the worst ponytail known to man.  And I'm not talking about a Neutrogena ad girl with "no makeup" on.  If only, right?

No, I'm talking more along the lines of my girl, Jessica Simpson, with no makeup on. It isn't a very pretty sight.  I actually think we had the same hair and facial expression this morning.  It was so blatant that one of my dearest friends and sorority sisters looked at me when I arrived and said, "So, you definitely just woke up."  Thanks a lot, Beth.  Remind me to point out a flaw or two of yours next class.  I'm kidding... Maybe.

Anyway, it got me thinking about the age old question:  should you wear makeup to the gym?  Now, my pilates studio hardly warrants to be called the gym.  My class is 80% female, and half of those girls are either in my sorority or one of my neighbors.  All have seen me looking worse, or at least similar, to the way I did this morning.  No, I'm talking about the real gym.  The one I stay away from because the athletes use it and it's intimidating to work out in front of someone who can bench press you.  Should you wear makeup there?  

Well, here's my answer:  Of course, I wear makeup to the gym!  I'm not talking a full face of freshly applied makeup, but are you joking?  Step into that lion's den without my concealer and mascara - aka my armor?  Shut your mouth.

Why do I think I, and women like me, wear makeup to the gym?  Easy.  It's called compensating for our shortcomings.  Next time you go to the gym, take a look around.  I'd bet that the majority of the non-makeup wearers (excluding those who look like Miss High School Musical, up there - if I could pull that off, I'd never wear makeup again and save myself a buttload of money) are very competent at what they are doing.  Who cares if they may have that "look of the living dead" vibe that I get without eyeliner - they're kicking serious butt: running more than just a few miles, lifting more than ten pounds at a time, etc...  Us makeup wearers, on the other hand, tend to be gym neophytes.  We are more at home in a pilates class than with the free weights, but we're trying!  We want to be like you crazy toned women, but in the mean time, while I'm being judged for only being able to do the machine with the base weight (not even on the first setting), I can at least look cute while doing it.  Give my self esteem that much, please.  
So, what do you think?  Is makeup a do or don't at the gym?  How much is okay?  Why do you wear makeup at the gym?  Comment below.  I'd love to hear from you!


  1. I'm not a gym rat, Jamie, so I don't have the makeup dilemma, but every morning I waffle about for ten minutes or so when I get up trying to decide whether to even get cleaned up. Who needs to be clean for housework?? And why would I waste a good clean up only to get dirty again?

    The trouble is, if I don't get cleaned up early, then I get wrapped up doing this, that and the other thing, and whoops!, here it is, suppertime.

    (Valerie from SheWrites, w. different ID)

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